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Welcome to the Intrinsic Books - Distribution web site.

We offer bespoke distribution & storage services for ELT publishers by supplying books to wholesalers, bookshops, ELT specialists, online retailers etc.

Individual teachers or students can buy copies online.

Schools, colleges, universities can order copies via their usual suppliers.

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  • Intrinsic Books

    Intrinsic Books is a publisher of digital and print books for ELT. We have a growing list of titles and will be adding more in the coming months.

  • Abax Publishing

    Abax is an award-winning and independent publisher of ELT materials with offices in Tokyo, Japan and in San Francisco, California. Abax books are in use in universities, colleges, high schools and private language schools around the world.

  • Academic Study Kit

    Academic Study Kit is an award-winning independent publisher, based in the UK. Our mission is to make ripples in the ELT world by developing practical, engaging and inspiring solutions for teachers. Our authors, NNESTs and NESTs, are experts in their field and lead the way in innovative approaches.

  • Boyer Education

    Boyer Education resources provide practice with listening to and speaking English, as well as spelling, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing. Students & teachers say our resources are ‘useful, easy to use, relevant, interesting - and most of all fun.’

  • Language Factory

    Language Factory resources can be used by both parents at home or by teachers as part of foreign and English language provision in Primary and early Secondary school. Language Factory publishes books and & learning materials for primary level learners of English, French, German, Spanish & Italian using songs, rhymes, rap, videos and YouTube.

  • Learning Unlimited

    Learning Unlimited is a not for profit social enterprise that specialises in adult and family learning, ESOL and integration, literacy, numeracy and teacher education. We believe in learning as empowerment and engage adults and families in local communities who face a wide range of issues and barriers to social inclusion.

  • One Sided Paper

    One Sided Paper publishes books for IELTS. Their major IELTS Success Formula and IELTS on Track are avaialbel for both the Academic & General versions of the test. The books provide invaluable classroom teaching materials and can also be used for self-study.

  • TP Publications

    TP Publications provide interesting and affordable books to answer specific needs in the ELT (English Language Teaching) sector.

  • Swan Communications

    This third edition of 'The Non-native Teacher' is the classic work on the topic. The issues raised are particularly relevant today, with additional concerns and priorities becoming apparent in contexts all over the world. In recognition of this topicality, the author has now supplemented the original text with new material for 21st century teachers.

  • Wayzgoose Press

    Wayzgoose Press offers professional development resources, collections of classroom activities, and short, affordable guides on how to teach different aspects of English as a second or foreign language.

  • Alphabet Publishing

    Alphabet Publishing is a small, independent publishing company that specializes in creative resources for teachers, especially in English Language Arts and English as a Second Language. We believe that a good teacher is resourceful, with a well-stocked toolkit full of ways to elicit, explain, guide, review, encourage and inspire.

  • Innova Press

    Innova Press is a brand-new ELT publisher, launched in late 2017 with a mission to create true innovation in language education. Innova creates readers, test preparation materials and other titles based on the latest research into language education, with a specific focus on actual learner needs.