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As well as providing bespoke distribution & storage services for ELT publishers by supplying books to wholesalers, bookshops, ELT specialists, online retailers etc., we also publish a small range of ELT titles listed below.
There are many more ELT titles published on our digital publishing web site:

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In My Opinion is a photocopiable resource book consisting of activities to get learners of English speaking. Each activity allows learners the opportunity to speak and express their opinions on a wide range of issues. The books is based on the principles of communicative language teaching and, to a large extent, the principles of the natural approach.
£19.95 + carriage
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Social mobility — the chance, through education, to achieve greater
success than one’s parents — is a compelling issue of our time.
Beginning in 1950s Northern England, this revealing memoir links
Andy Hargreaves’s experiences of social mobility to today’s
challenges of inequity and immobility.
Foreword by Nicola Sturgeon

£20.95 + carriage